17 Feb 2023

Karla Bowen, Facilities Manager Guild Mortgage

“When Guild Mortgage C o was looking to buildout floors 1, 3, and 6 (120,000 sq ft) of the building we signed a lease for, located at 5887 Copley Drive, we reached out for 3 bids and made the decision to go with Black Diamond.

The Property Management had Black Diamond do work in an area of the building and highly recommended Black Diamond. In addition, the bid was the most competitive. We saw the work that Black Diamond did on behalf of the property management and it was beautiful.

Black Diamond was the best choice we could have made, not only is the work that was done stunning, the project coordination, status updates, commitment to the job, attention from Devin, Robert, Juan and all staff was over and above. I would highly recommend Black Diamond.” 

-Karla Bowen, Facilities Manager Guild Mortgage